Friday, 22 January 2010

Social Workers

Here are two stories dealing with social workers and how far they go.

Story 1.

Edlington: report into failures says council treated sadistic brothers as 'naughty boys'

What those two did to those poor boys is horrific, it is beyond anyone's imagination that two children could do that without any sort of remorse.

We see again social workers again failing to do what is right.

A quote from the article;

Education staff at the council failed to take appropriate action when the brothers were excluded from school, which meant that they did not receive any education.

The review concluded that the boys’ behaviour had become so extreme by late 2008 that professionals were “overwhelmed” and lacked the confidence to do anything at all.

How many more times will we see stories like this or like the story of baby Peter.

I don't know the answer to all this is, but it has to change before we lose more children to this evil path of hate and destruction similar to what these two boys did.

Story 2.

Mother 'not clever enough to raise child' has baby snatched by social workers after running away to Ireland to give birth.

This story is about a girl with mild learning difficulties, who was pregnant and went on the run to Ireland to avoid the social services taking her baby away.

Now, if this girl was on her own i could understand the council's position, but she was with the child's father and was in a loving relationship so there was some stability there.

Fife council was alerted and they went to Ireland and took the baby away.

My problem with this is, if they were worried about the baby why didn't they keep a check on the baby and the parents to see if she was being cared for properly. If the baby was being neglected in any way then yes take the baby into care.

You could say social workers are damned if they do and damned if they don't, but there has to be a middle ground where the welfare of the child, and in the case of the Edlington boys, the welfare of others in the area must be the priority.

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