Saturday, 9 January 2010

A lesson for Anjem Choudary

This article in the Daily Mail should show the British public what real British muslims are like. Completely opposite from the other muslims my previous blog.

The majority of British muslims are law abiding people who hate what Choudary is doing.

This is a quote from the article;

That is why the sight of Mr and Mrs Latif solemnly standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else in Wootton Bassett should be drawn to everyone's attention. For their story is the story of real British Muslims, not the cataclysmic fantasy of an egomaniac like Choudary.

There is a lot of anti muslim feeling in this country, but the extremists are in the minority of the real muslim people.

There are extremists in all religions not just muslims. I just hope the law abiding muslims of this country rise up and stop the extremists like Choudary from turning young muslims against this country.

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