Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Health and Safety Idiots are at it again.

Read this article and ask yourself if these health and safety idiots are actually living in the same reality we live in.

Here is a quote from the article;

Heavy snow, low temperatures and a lack of gritting mean pavements throughout the country are too slippery to walk on safely. Hospitals have been struggling to cope with rising numbers of patients who have broken bones after falling on icy paths.

Yet the professional body that represents health and safety experts has issued a warning to businesses not to grit public paths – despite the fact that Britain is in the grip of its coldest winter for nearly half a century.

Under current legislation, householders and companies open themselves up to legal action if they try to clear a public pavement outside their property. If they leave the path in a treacherous condition, they cannot be sued.

Councils, who have a responsibility for public highways, say they have no legal obligation to clear pavements.

What can i say to that.

They say you cannot be sued if you leave the path in a treacherous condition, i doubt that very much. I am pretty sure you will be sued either way.

If you have a spillage on the floor where you work and don't mop it up and someone slips and falls hurting themselves, you can get sued.

If there is ice on a public pathway where you work and you don't clear it, and someone slips and falls and hurt themselves, you won't be sued

I know they are two different circumstances, but how can you be sued for one and not the other. You have two situations where someone might slip and fall, but you can only be sued in one of those situations.

What about shopkeepers who try and clear a path, in front of their shops. It is just common decency to try and look after their customers. Now they might be sued if they try and clear a path.

When will all this health and safety stupidity stop?

You have to do certain things to stop getting sued, but you also have to not do certain things to stop getting sued.


Have a read of the Telegraph View on this article.

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