Thursday, 21 January 2010


What are quangos and why do we need so many?

In my opinion a quango is just a talking shop that the government uses to make their policy for the day.

Here is a quote, from this article in the Mail today.

Definitions of what a Quango is vary a bit. But using a rather tight definition the Economic Research Council estimates a total spending of £88.9 billion for 1997/98 and £174.7 billion for 2005/06, the latest figures available. The Taxpayers Alliance estimate that UK quangos now employ an army of almost 700,000 bureaucrats.

Now I am in total shock at the amount of money that has been spent on these quangos. How on earth can the government justify the amount of money being spent.

£86,000,000,000 (£86 BILLION) and that's only up until 2005/06.

How much more has been spent in the last 4 years?

£86 BILLION extra spent on quangos, that's about half of the UK debt.

What else could the £86 BILLION of tax payers money been spent on?
More hospitals, more nurses, more equipment for our troops, there are a million and one things that the money could of been better spent on.

700,000 employed by these quangos. Is this how the government has been keeping the jobless figures down all these years?

Are the quangos good value for money?

Do the quangos offer the country good value for money?

Who ever wins the next general election, must cut the amount of money spent on the quangos.

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Carneades said...

The QUANGO is a legacy of Margaret Thatcher, and they appeared part-way through her first term in office. That they should be consigned to the waste bin of history is beyond dispute, and the present government has more than once declared its intention to get rid of all of them. However, they remain and will - in all likelihood - continue to remain until the political will emerges to get rid of them. The big question is will either of the main parties promise to do it?