Thursday, 24 September 2009

Sunday, 20 September 2009

This what we should be seeing on the News

I have just read the above article and i believe this is what we should be seeing more of on the news, tv and newspapers.

Lately when there is a news reports about another casualty from the conflict, i feel like the news corporations are treating them as just another statistic. It upsets me, they are someones son, father, brother. They should give more background into their lives that they had. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and we should show the families that we all care.

Showing the great work our lads, and lasses, are doing out there. Showing us the great work they do under tremendous conditions.

If it wasn't for Ross Kemp, and others like Kate Silverton, I'm sure we wouldn't really know what our lads, and lasses, have to go through everyday.

Thank you Kate Silverton for a great article.

Now the Police are Training Libyans

Does this government have no morals left.

After the news that SAS Troops have been training Libyan soldiers, now we hear that the British Police have been training Libyan police.

What about the murderer of PC Yvonne Fletcher, why did the government strike a deal where they would give up trying to bring the murderer of Yvonne Fletcher to justice?

Is it if you waft some money under their nose or promise of economic deals that this government would drop any idea of justice for the people of this Country?

I have this question for Brown and Blair, what if it was your son or daughter that was killed by a Libyan gunman in the embassy siege, or killed by an IRA bomb, funded by the Libyan government?

Would you still give up any idea of justice for them just so you could make a deal.

Yes the deal could create jobs, and would probably benefit this country, but at what cost to our sense of morals.

Here is a couple of articles i have read recently.

I would love for either Blair or Brown to go to PC Yvonne Fletcher's mother, look her in the eye, and tell her exactly why they gave up getting justice for her daughter.

I would love to know what it took for the government to give up it's morals to make the deal that they made.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Fitting Memorial

I have been watching and listening about what is happening in Afghanistan, and i do have mixed emotions about the conflict.

I do agree that it was right to go to Afghanistan and depose the Taliban regime.

I don't like what our soldiers have to do out there with the limited equipment and numbers. If you are sending the military out to a war zone then equip them with everything they need to complete the mission.

Sending them out there without enough armoured personnel carriers, tanks, planes, helicopters etc is asking them to put their life on the line unnecessarily.

Yes soldiers do get injured, and killed, but they have a better chance of survival if they can be airlifted by helicopter to a proper medical facility, but they haven't got enough helicopters to do this.

I believe that a cause to the amount of soldiers killed is due to the fact that they weren't airlifted out quick enough.

I believe we have to see it out to the end, because we can't let all the blood that has been spilt by our military be in vain. We can't let the Taliban just walk back in and take over where they left off.

It wouldn't be right for all the people who have died out there, all those lives lost for nothing. It would be very, very hard to live with that.

I am very, very proud of our guys, and girls, out there.

I am proud at how they get on with the job, no matter what equipment they have or haven't got.

The meaning behind the title of this blog.

When all this is over I would love, as a fitting memorial, to have all the names of the military personnel who have lost their lives in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to be put up so the British public can remember the sacrifice they have made.

I know we already have cenotaphs with all the Honoured Dead from the 2 Worlds Wars, but i believe we should have a separate memorial to the Honoured Dead from the two conflicts.

Another reason for the memorial, in my opinion, is if any politician wants to send our military to a conflict I want them to read every single name on that memorial to understand the cost in lives that can happen when sending our military out to a conflict zone.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Return of the Jedi (Will he though after being ejected from Tesco)

I am all for religious freedom, after all somewhere in the region of 400,000 people put down Jedi as their religion in the last census in the UK. I do hope 'Morda Hehol' does return to Tesco.

I like Star Wars, a lot, and i can understand why people might want to live as a Jedi. When i was 8 years old i saw Star Wars, for the first time, and i was so captivated by what i saw, it was a defining moment for me as a kid. Nothing prepared me for the WOW factor of that film.

If anyone wants more information to become a Jedi i have found this website that might interest you.

And the Jedi faith has some powerful allies in the use of the force;

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Is Britain a sovereign state?

Over the years i have been reading about the EU and how it has changed the UK.

I would love to know who actually governs us, is it the Government in the House of Commons or is it through Brussels?

How many laws (or regulations when they want to slide it in through the back door) is Britain governed by that actually come from Brussels?

I don't think we can pass a law now without making sure it doesn't go against one from Brussels. For example, any police force in europe can make an arrest warrants for anyone in the EU and the local force, in another country, has to arrest them and send them to the country that issued the warrant.

If we were a sovereign state i don't believe that Should happen, they would have to go through the courts to extradite that person.

Back in 1972 when Ted Heath signed us up to the common market, did he know that what he was signing was not a trade agreement, but something that would eventually become a monster swallowing countries up, sometimes against the majority of certain country's population. e.g. France, Holland, The Irish and i am pretty sure that the UK population would say no to it.

When i started my working life, i was taken round the place of work and i was told what to do and shown the safety aspect of where i was working and i remembered it and that was that. I knew when to wear safety goggles and a hard hat etc.

Now you have to write out risk assessments for everything, but nearly everything is common sense.

There are four files that any new employee has to read (at my place of work) so he knows what the risk of working here is. Then he has to sign it to say he has read it.

This is a prime example of what companies have had to do, that i have seen over the years.

Have you read on a packet of peanuts, under the allergy information, 'may contain nuts'. Also on a carton of milk it reads ' may contain milk'.

How stupid is it when the food item says milk or peaNUTs on the front of the item, but still has to put it down on the allergy information.

When did we lose our common sense, i know i have still got it, but it looks like someone somewhere thinks we don't have any.

I am worried for the future of this country.

Will we still be called Great Britain or the UK in the future or will we be just a province in a state called the EU?

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Respect, People Who Have and People Who Don't

Beyonce Has Respect

Kanye West Doesn't

Here is an example of how you earn respect of from people, and an example on how you don't.

I do feel sorry for Taylor Swift, at 19 winning an award like that and then having someone come up and spoil what should of been a great moment for her.

What Kanya West did wasn't the way to earn respect from other people. He may of been upset that Beyonce didn't win the award, but that is how voting goes sometimes.

Now, what Beyonce did when she won an award was to bring Taylor Swift out and let her, as Beyonce said, 'Have her moment', has made me respect Beyonce more than i did before.

When youngsters look up to people, be it people they know or celebrities, I hope they look up to people like Beyonce and not to the likes of Kanye West in how he treated Taylor Swift.

I wonder what Pink would of done if she won the award and Kanya West did the same thing to her. One can only imagine. I think it was lucky for Kanya West that Pink didn't win.

I just wish people could look up to people like Beyonce and follow her example and show respect to other people. Unfortunately i see people disrespecting others too much these days, especially a minority of the younger people.

If people lose respect for others, what's next we lose our morals too. What then?

We have to look back and try and find what went wrong, and fix it.

It's a bit like what i wrote previously in my blog;

What will happen to this country if people lose respect for one another.

It is time for a change, we need to make this Country feel good about itself again.

Yes there are tough times ahead, but if communities stick together and respect one another, it is a small step in making this country feel good about itself.

Monday, 14 September 2009

SAS Training Libyan Troops

I can't believe this is true.

How can this government order these soldiers who have fought and died during the IRA conflict to train soldiers from a government who sent weapons and explosives to the Irish terrorist. It must feel like a kick in the face, and that is an understatement, to these brave soldiers to train the Libyans.

Yes people might say that Libya has turned it's back on terrorism and we need to look to the future, but they need to gain the trust of the world before we even think of giving them any sort of training and deals.

I remember those two soldiers who accidentally got caught up in funeral in Northern Ireland, and got pulled out beaten up to an inch of their lives and then shot dead. There must be deep unrest in the ranks, not just of the SAS, but in the whole of the armed services who lost friends and colleagues in the conflict.

How much information have they been ordered to share with the Libyans. Is it everything we know in counter-terrorist tactics, or are they getting slightly out of date tactics?

What is stopping the Libyans from selling the information to other terrorist organisations.

I believe we may regret this sometime in the future.

This is a great idea, or not

I have just read this article about being ill while on paid leave from work.

Maybe i can claim back my week off i have just had?

So if you take two weeks off and you are ill for one week of the two, you can claim back a week of the paid holiday you just had.

I can see this costing businesses millions, because employees with no scruples taking advantage of this new ruling.

It is another nail in the coffin of Britain being ruled by Britain.

Where has all the common sense gone?

I can understand that if you booked a holiday for two weeks and you have the flu and can't go on the holiday and you have to cancel your holiday.

When you are better you can rebook the holiday, but you don't have enough holiday time left from work to go on that holiday, that is how i see it working, but it will be taken advantage of.

Let's look back in a year from now and see what happens.

I'm Back from my holiday

Just reporting in.

I have been away recharging my batteries, but i am back and i will be posting on a few subjects soon.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

What is Happening?

I have just been reading about those 2 boys who beat up stabbed two other young boys.

I keep thinking did the 2 boys know right from wrong? What made them go out and attack those 2 boys so horrifically?

Have we lost a generation of children, or a minority of children, who don't know right from wrong, who have no respect for other people, their property, or their community in general.

When i was a youngster we played about and yes we sometimes were a bit loud, but if someone complained or asked us to be quiet we did as we were asked because we had respect for others.

Now if you asked some kids / youths to be quiet or move away from your house, or a certain area, you're lucky to just get a foul mouthed reply. There has been instances where the kids / youths, attacked the person and put them in hospital or killed them.

Some kids / youths are out of control, they have no respect for anyone. When the police try to move them along the police just get a mouthful of abuse, and even attack the police if they try to arrest them.

Who is to blame?
The parents?
The government?

What can be done?
They need a strong guiding hand to get them back on the straight and narrow. If they break the law then a strong punishment should be dealt out to them.

I believe a young offenders institute based on the military prison system like Colchester where they don't have a minute to yourself, apart from when you are asleep. It should scare them enough that they wouldn't want to go back.

In the prison they could be taught a trade and maybe they could end up joining the military. They need something to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Something has to be done because i am worried about the future. What will it be like in 10 to 20 years time when those kids grow up and have kids of their own. If the parents didn't know right from wrong, who will teach those kids?

Something has to be done. My idea might work who knows, but something has to be done.