Thursday, 17 September 2009

Is Britain a sovereign state?

Over the years i have been reading about the EU and how it has changed the UK.

I would love to know who actually governs us, is it the Government in the House of Commons or is it through Brussels?

How many laws (or regulations when they want to slide it in through the back door) is Britain governed by that actually come from Brussels?

I don't think we can pass a law now without making sure it doesn't go against one from Brussels. For example, any police force in europe can make an arrest warrants for anyone in the EU and the local force, in another country, has to arrest them and send them to the country that issued the warrant.

If we were a sovereign state i don't believe that Should happen, they would have to go through the courts to extradite that person.

Back in 1972 when Ted Heath signed us up to the common market, did he know that what he was signing was not a trade agreement, but something that would eventually become a monster swallowing countries up, sometimes against the majority of certain country's population. e.g. France, Holland, The Irish and i am pretty sure that the UK population would say no to it.

When i started my working life, i was taken round the place of work and i was told what to do and shown the safety aspect of where i was working and i remembered it and that was that. I knew when to wear safety goggles and a hard hat etc.

Now you have to write out risk assessments for everything, but nearly everything is common sense.

There are four files that any new employee has to read (at my place of work) so he knows what the risk of working here is. Then he has to sign it to say he has read it.

This is a prime example of what companies have had to do, that i have seen over the years.

Have you read on a packet of peanuts, under the allergy information, 'may contain nuts'. Also on a carton of milk it reads ' may contain milk'.

How stupid is it when the food item says milk or peaNUTs on the front of the item, but still has to put it down on the allergy information.

When did we lose our common sense, i know i have still got it, but it looks like someone somewhere thinks we don't have any.

I am worried for the future of this country.

Will we still be called Great Britain or the UK in the future or will we be just a province in a state called the EU?

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