Monday, 14 September 2009

SAS Training Libyan Troops

I can't believe this is true.

How can this government order these soldiers who have fought and died during the IRA conflict to train soldiers from a government who sent weapons and explosives to the Irish terrorist. It must feel like a kick in the face, and that is an understatement, to these brave soldiers to train the Libyans.

Yes people might say that Libya has turned it's back on terrorism and we need to look to the future, but they need to gain the trust of the world before we even think of giving them any sort of training and deals.

I remember those two soldiers who accidentally got caught up in funeral in Northern Ireland, and got pulled out beaten up to an inch of their lives and then shot dead. There must be deep unrest in the ranks, not just of the SAS, but in the whole of the armed services who lost friends and colleagues in the conflict.

How much information have they been ordered to share with the Libyans. Is it everything we know in counter-terrorist tactics, or are they getting slightly out of date tactics?

What is stopping the Libyans from selling the information to other terrorist organisations.

I believe we may regret this sometime in the future.

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