Monday, 31 August 2009

The Thought of it

I was just reading the news and found this headline in the Telegraph, in the comments section.

'Nudity and jellyfish just don't mix'

I immediately felt like crossing my legs at the thought of what the headline said.

If your interested, here is the link to the article.

Well said Corporal

Well done Corporal Dean Byfield for asking that question. To be honest i didn't know that the squaddies were taxed while they were fighting in Afghanistan.
To see what i am on about;
see Link below

I find it unbelievable that the squaddies are taxed while fighting for their country.

If i understand it correctly, if i was out of the country for 6 months or more, i wouldn't have to pay tax for those 6 months.

So why are our squaddies paying tax while fighting in Afghanistan?

Gordon's reply 'It is because you have a British employer.'

Great reply Gordon. I'm sure you got the squaddies on your side with that one.

I hope the nation gets very angry and forces the government to change the current system and let the Squaddies off from paying tax while they are fighting in Afghanistan, or at the very least pay a smaller amount of tax while they are over there.

I know i speak for the majority of the country when i say we are so very proud of our guys, and girls, out there.

I hope and pray you are back with your family and friends very soon.

Just found this story, I think it is relevant to the story above.

Another Fuel Duty Rise

Yet again the poor car owner has more of his hard earned money taken away.

One of the excuses is to protect the environment, ok if you want to protect the environment then start building cars that run on hydrogen gas. The only emission that gives out is water. They should of been exploring this idea at least 10 - 20 years ago.

What about the electric car you may ask.

The electric car doesn't work properly, yet.

Until you can run an electric car for as long as a normal car can run, with a full tank, and the recharging time is less than 6 - 8 hours and the price is comparable to a normal car then maybe an electric car could be viable to use.

I have also guess-termated about how much the government gets from each litre of petrol. There are approximately 33 million cars in the UK, now if you take the tax the government gets from each litre, which is approximately 66 pence per litre you come up with the following;

33,000,000 (motorists) X 00.66 pence / litre (tax) = £21,780,000

The answer is nearly £22 million pounds for every litre the motorists uses.
I hope the above is correct, if not please set me straight. Thank you.

We are at breaking point now, soon the normal car user won't be able to afford to run their car.

Public transport i hear you say.

It has enough trouble with the passangers it has now, if you add a few thousand more people to it, it will be like a sardine can on the busses and trains. Plus in some cases it would be more expensive to use public transport, and that they don't run on time usually or are cancelled at the last minute.

I'll get off my box now before you get bored at my rant.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

I wish i had a job like this

A friend of mine has a yacht, in Conwy in North Wales, and he often invites me to go on his yacht.

Over the years i have been going to my friends yacht i have noticed the fisheries patrol vessel docked at the marina for days, and maybe weeks, at a time and the crew doing nothing in particular. One time I even saw one of the crew on the deck reading a book, and it didn't look like a book that covered anything to do with the job that person is meant to be employed to do.

Now i know there are times when the boat has to stay in dock for what ever reason, but i expect during those times the crew do maintenance on the boat, from cleaning the vessel to painting to engine maintenance. From what i am told they do some maintenance, but mostly sit around inside the boat.

I thought what they were meant to do is in their title, fisheries PATROL vessel. The tax payer pays for that vessel to protect the British fish stocks from illegal fishing. Why aren't they out there patrolling the seas and doing what they are paid to do.

I have been told, by my friend, that they do go out occasionally, but they are only out for a few hours at a time.

This is from the North Wales fisheries website

'The vessel has a range of 500 miles and patrols 900 nautical miles of coastline and 2000 square nautical miles of sea between Cemaes Head, Ceredigion, and Haverigg Point, Cumbria. A crew of three, including the skipper, engineer and crewman, is required to operate "Aegis.'

This is the web page i found the last statement;

So please can someone please tell me why we are paying for people to do nothing, or hardly anything, who are meant to patrol 900 miles of coastline, but rarely go more that a few miles from where she is docked.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Who said what to who and who gave the ok

I am wondering with the freeing of Megrahi from his sentence, for compassionate reasons, i am wondering what was said and or done for him to be released.

I cannot believe that the Scottish justice secretary has the power, on his own, to ok the release. Surely the foreign secretary David Milliband and Gordon Brown must of known and given a yes or no to the release. I thought Scotland only had the authority over what happened in Scotland and not something that could affect the UK as a whole. This is an international incident and the British government could of stopped the release, if it wanted to

There is something going on, a deal must have been done somewhere.

If a deal has been done, what sort of deal could there be that flies in the face of the justice system. Surely they must of known that this would upset the families of the people who were killed.

I am waiting to see if and when the truth will come out about who knew what and what sort of deal was done to get the release of Megrahi.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Here's an interesting twist on social workers

I have just read this article in the Telegraph and i am wondering if the social workers from Sussex worked in Haringey, would Baby Peter still be alive.

Why is it that they take the kids away from certain people who may of just come into difficulties recently (for whatever reason) and not from other people where kids, like Baby Peter, need to be taken to a place of safety.

Read the article and have a think about it.

This is the original article about the above story.

Words fail me

I cannot describe the anger i feel right now.

Read the article and see what you think,html

Thursday, 20 August 2009

First Aid Resuscitation

I hope you like this video.

It is a new way for first aiders to do resuscitation.

I should warn you there is swearing in this video.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What has happened to just going out, having a drink and a laugh.

I went out on the weekend with a couple of friends and we enjoyed ourselves. We had a few drinks and a good laugh and got a bit drunk.

Towards the end of the night you could see who would be causing trouble. They are the ones that get more aggressive the more drink they have. Low and behold about 30 minutes later someone accidentally bumped into one of them, and this guy went nuts.

He grabbed this guy by his neck and said about spilling his drink and he then pushed this guy into a table, where a couple were minding there own business, causing there drinks to spill over. Then the fists started flying. To be fair some of this guys friends did try and stop him.

When i was this guys age and i bumped into someone causing the to spill their drink, i just apologised and bought them a drink to replace the one he spilt and that was that, we then went our separate ways amicably.

The police came and broke up the fight and arrested the instigator.

A couple of days later i find out that the one that started the fight was held overnight and was given a fine for drunk and disorderly behaviour. He wasn't just drunk and disorderly, he assaulted someone, caused damage to the pub, threatening behaviour to the landlord, staff and the police, and i am sure this wasn't a one off incident with this guy.

This guy should of been held and charged with public disorder offences and fined several thousand pounds. If this happens then some of these thugs who cause trouble will think twice about starting fights. If they do get arrested for fighting or something similar again, then the next fine should be at least increased by at least a third.

When i was younger, yes there was fighting, but it was just using fists and friends usually stopped it before anyone got really hurt.

Now, when fights start bottles and glasses are used as weapons if you are lucky. I don't have to tell you about the use of knives.

What i would like to see is if fights like this start and they get violent then they should be made to pay a heavy penalty, be it custodial or financial.

I would hate to see what a night out would be like in say 10 years from now.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

How blind can a referee be

I didn't think i would be putting sport in my blog, but this cannot be ignored.

How can 4 men in black not see this when all the fans, players and all the people at home see that it was a goal.

If they are going to be this bad i believe that they should put 2 men in black by the goals and for them to stay there.


I wonder if someone got fired for this.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

How many more ways can this government come up with ways to tax us.

I have just read this article and i am just so angry.

How can this government look at people in the eye. They are taking advantage of people dying now. They have taken advantage of the car driver for years and now they have found another way to get even more money out of us.

How about the politicians taking a pay cut for once. I doubt that will ever happen.

We employ (local and national) politicians, through elections, and they should do what we want them to do and not what the party whips say, and if they don't do what we want then we should sack them. Unfortunately we can only do that at an election.

I keep wondering what will happen at the next election, what sort of government will we get?

Friday, 14 August 2009

The NHS Debate

Well what a day.

I haven't seen a debate about the NHS like this.

The American right wing, what can i say, this isn't the 50's and 60's and there isn't a red menace hiding ready to take over the free world.

Yes the NHS isn't perfect, but it is better for everyone, than what the US have. I have read about people who had health insurance and were being treated for cancer, but the money ran out and the treatment stopped. I also read about how some people who came into a hospital by ambulance, but didn't have insurance and was put in a taxi and taken to a community hospital. One that had a clinic to treat the poor.

How can any doctor say, ' sorry but i can't treat you any more because you're insurance won't cover your treatment anymore.'

What about people not being able to pay for antibiotics because it is so expensive to buy them because of no insurance.

I truly don't know what the UK would be like now if we didn't have the NHS, but thank god we do.

There are problems with the NHS.
There are way to many bureaucrats who get paid way to much. The nurses who are worth a million pounds for all the care they give, but get paid pennies (get rid of the bureaucrats and pay the nurses with the money saved). The paper work that nurses have to go through, they have a hard time as it is with out filling out over 20 pages for each patient.

If i had a choice of health care i would take the NHS well before the American health system. I hope President Obama does get a health care system into place for all the people who don't have insurance.

If you want to see a documentary on the US health care system, have a look a 'SICKO' by Michael Moore. It certainly opened my eyes.

Update; i have just read a good article in the Times, have a read and see what you think.