Monday, 31 August 2009

Another Fuel Duty Rise

Yet again the poor car owner has more of his hard earned money taken away.

One of the excuses is to protect the environment, ok if you want to protect the environment then start building cars that run on hydrogen gas. The only emission that gives out is water. They should of been exploring this idea at least 10 - 20 years ago.

What about the electric car you may ask.

The electric car doesn't work properly, yet.

Until you can run an electric car for as long as a normal car can run, with a full tank, and the recharging time is less than 6 - 8 hours and the price is comparable to a normal car then maybe an electric car could be viable to use.

I have also guess-termated about how much the government gets from each litre of petrol. There are approximately 33 million cars in the UK, now if you take the tax the government gets from each litre, which is approximately 66 pence per litre you come up with the following;

33,000,000 (motorists) X 00.66 pence / litre (tax) = £21,780,000

The answer is nearly £22 million pounds for every litre the motorists uses.
I hope the above is correct, if not please set me straight. Thank you.

We are at breaking point now, soon the normal car user won't be able to afford to run their car.

Public transport i hear you say.

It has enough trouble with the passangers it has now, if you add a few thousand more people to it, it will be like a sardine can on the busses and trains. Plus in some cases it would be more expensive to use public transport, and that they don't run on time usually or are cancelled at the last minute.

I'll get off my box now before you get bored at my rant.

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