Wednesday, 19 August 2009

What has happened to just going out, having a drink and a laugh.

I went out on the weekend with a couple of friends and we enjoyed ourselves. We had a few drinks and a good laugh and got a bit drunk.

Towards the end of the night you could see who would be causing trouble. They are the ones that get more aggressive the more drink they have. Low and behold about 30 minutes later someone accidentally bumped into one of them, and this guy went nuts.

He grabbed this guy by his neck and said about spilling his drink and he then pushed this guy into a table, where a couple were minding there own business, causing there drinks to spill over. Then the fists started flying. To be fair some of this guys friends did try and stop him.

When i was this guys age and i bumped into someone causing the to spill their drink, i just apologised and bought them a drink to replace the one he spilt and that was that, we then went our separate ways amicably.

The police came and broke up the fight and arrested the instigator.

A couple of days later i find out that the one that started the fight was held overnight and was given a fine for drunk and disorderly behaviour. He wasn't just drunk and disorderly, he assaulted someone, caused damage to the pub, threatening behaviour to the landlord, staff and the police, and i am sure this wasn't a one off incident with this guy.

This guy should of been held and charged with public disorder offences and fined several thousand pounds. If this happens then some of these thugs who cause trouble will think twice about starting fights. If they do get arrested for fighting or something similar again, then the next fine should be at least increased by at least a third.

When i was younger, yes there was fighting, but it was just using fists and friends usually stopped it before anyone got really hurt.

Now, when fights start bottles and glasses are used as weapons if you are lucky. I don't have to tell you about the use of knives.

What i would like to see is if fights like this start and they get violent then they should be made to pay a heavy penalty, be it custodial or financial.

I would hate to see what a night out would be like in say 10 years from now.

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