Monday, 24 August 2009

Who said what to who and who gave the ok

I am wondering with the freeing of Megrahi from his sentence, for compassionate reasons, i am wondering what was said and or done for him to be released.

I cannot believe that the Scottish justice secretary has the power, on his own, to ok the release. Surely the foreign secretary David Milliband and Gordon Brown must of known and given a yes or no to the release. I thought Scotland only had the authority over what happened in Scotland and not something that could affect the UK as a whole. This is an international incident and the British government could of stopped the release, if it wanted to

There is something going on, a deal must have been done somewhere.

If a deal has been done, what sort of deal could there be that flies in the face of the justice system. Surely they must of known that this would upset the families of the people who were killed.

I am waiting to see if and when the truth will come out about who knew what and what sort of deal was done to get the release of Megrahi.

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