Friday, 14 August 2009

The NHS Debate

Well what a day.

I haven't seen a debate about the NHS like this.

The American right wing, what can i say, this isn't the 50's and 60's and there isn't a red menace hiding ready to take over the free world.

Yes the NHS isn't perfect, but it is better for everyone, than what the US have. I have read about people who had health insurance and were being treated for cancer, but the money ran out and the treatment stopped. I also read about how some people who came into a hospital by ambulance, but didn't have insurance and was put in a taxi and taken to a community hospital. One that had a clinic to treat the poor.

How can any doctor say, ' sorry but i can't treat you any more because you're insurance won't cover your treatment anymore.'

What about people not being able to pay for antibiotics because it is so expensive to buy them because of no insurance.

I truly don't know what the UK would be like now if we didn't have the NHS, but thank god we do.

There are problems with the NHS.
There are way to many bureaucrats who get paid way to much. The nurses who are worth a million pounds for all the care they give, but get paid pennies (get rid of the bureaucrats and pay the nurses with the money saved). The paper work that nurses have to go through, they have a hard time as it is with out filling out over 20 pages for each patient.

If i had a choice of health care i would take the NHS well before the American health system. I hope President Obama does get a health care system into place for all the people who don't have insurance.

If you want to see a documentary on the US health care system, have a look a 'SICKO' by Michael Moore. It certainly opened my eyes.

Update; i have just read a good article in the Times, have a read and see what you think.

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