Sunday, 20 September 2009

Now the Police are Training Libyans

Does this government have no morals left.

After the news that SAS Troops have been training Libyan soldiers, now we hear that the British Police have been training Libyan police.

What about the murderer of PC Yvonne Fletcher, why did the government strike a deal where they would give up trying to bring the murderer of Yvonne Fletcher to justice?

Is it if you waft some money under their nose or promise of economic deals that this government would drop any idea of justice for the people of this Country?

I have this question for Brown and Blair, what if it was your son or daughter that was killed by a Libyan gunman in the embassy siege, or killed by an IRA bomb, funded by the Libyan government?

Would you still give up any idea of justice for them just so you could make a deal.

Yes the deal could create jobs, and would probably benefit this country, but at what cost to our sense of morals.

Here is a couple of articles i have read recently.

I would love for either Blair or Brown to go to PC Yvonne Fletcher's mother, look her in the eye, and tell her exactly why they gave up getting justice for her daughter.

I would love to know what it took for the government to give up it's morals to make the deal that they made.

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