Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Respect, People Who Have and People Who Don't

Beyonce Has Respect

Kanye West Doesn't

Here is an example of how you earn respect of from people, and an example on how you don't.


I do feel sorry for Taylor Swift, at 19 winning an award like that and then having someone come up and spoil what should of been a great moment for her.

What Kanya West did wasn't the way to earn respect from other people. He may of been upset that Beyonce didn't win the award, but that is how voting goes sometimes.

Now, what Beyonce did when she won an award was to bring Taylor Swift out and let her, as Beyonce said, 'Have her moment', has made me respect Beyonce more than i did before.

When youngsters look up to people, be it people they know or celebrities, I hope they look up to people like Beyonce and not to the likes of Kanye West in how he treated Taylor Swift.

I wonder what Pink would of done if she won the award and Kanya West did the same thing to her. One can only imagine. I think it was lucky for Kanya West that Pink didn't win.

I just wish people could look up to people like Beyonce and follow her example and show respect to other people. Unfortunately i see people disrespecting others too much these days, especially a minority of the younger people.

If people lose respect for others, what's next we lose our morals too. What then?

We have to look back and try and find what went wrong, and fix it.

It's a bit like what i wrote previously in my blog;



What will happen to this country if people lose respect for one another.

It is time for a change, we need to make this Country feel good about itself again.

Yes there are tough times ahead, but if communities stick together and respect one another, it is a small step in making this country feel good about itself.

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