Sunday, 20 September 2009

This what we should be seeing on the News

I have just read the above article and i believe this is what we should be seeing more of on the news, tv and newspapers.

Lately when there is a news reports about another casualty from the conflict, i feel like the news corporations are treating them as just another statistic. It upsets me, they are someones son, father, brother. They should give more background into their lives that they had. They have made the ultimate sacrifice and we should show the families that we all care.

Showing the great work our lads, and lasses, are doing out there. Showing us the great work they do under tremendous conditions.

If it wasn't for Ross Kemp, and others like Kate Silverton, I'm sure we wouldn't really know what our lads, and lasses, have to go through everyday.

Thank you Kate Silverton for a great article.

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