Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Fitting Memorial

I have been watching and listening about what is happening in Afghanistan, and i do have mixed emotions about the conflict.

I do agree that it was right to go to Afghanistan and depose the Taliban regime.

I don't like what our soldiers have to do out there with the limited equipment and numbers. If you are sending the military out to a war zone then equip them with everything they need to complete the mission.

Sending them out there without enough armoured personnel carriers, tanks, planes, helicopters etc is asking them to put their life on the line unnecessarily.

Yes soldiers do get injured, and killed, but they have a better chance of survival if they can be airlifted by helicopter to a proper medical facility, but they haven't got enough helicopters to do this.

I believe that a cause to the amount of soldiers killed is due to the fact that they weren't airlifted out quick enough.

I believe we have to see it out to the end, because we can't let all the blood that has been spilt by our military be in vain. We can't let the Taliban just walk back in and take over where they left off.

It wouldn't be right for all the people who have died out there, all those lives lost for nothing. It would be very, very hard to live with that.

I am very, very proud of our guys, and girls, out there.

I am proud at how they get on with the job, no matter what equipment they have or haven't got.

The meaning behind the title of this blog.

When all this is over I would love, as a fitting memorial, to have all the names of the military personnel who have lost their lives in both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to be put up so the British public can remember the sacrifice they have made.

I know we already have cenotaphs with all the Honoured Dead from the 2 Worlds Wars, but i believe we should have a separate memorial to the Honoured Dead from the two conflicts.

Another reason for the memorial, in my opinion, is if any politician wants to send our military to a conflict I want them to read every single name on that memorial to understand the cost in lives that can happen when sending our military out to a conflict zone.

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