Friday, 15 January 2010

Selling the Near Impossible

This is the headline to the article.

Downing Street staff attacked by former minister Kim Howells

Downing Street staff were denounced as "incompetent" today by a former minister who accused them of failing to sell Gordon Brown's strengths to the public.

Here is a quote from the article;

Kim Howells, the former Foreign Office minister, said the Prime Minister is ''a much more solid individual than is portrayed publicly'' and should have been made much more accessible to voters.

Key aides within Downing Street failed to capitalise on Mr Brown's strong response to the banking crisis a year ago, Dr Howells said.

I am sure Gordon Brown has strengths, but from everything I have seen and read he has more weaknesses than strengths.

I would like Kim Howells to tell us what his strengths actually are, because I'm sure there will be people out there telling us he has more weaknesses.

I believe Gordon Brown thinks for the moment and not long term. He can't make a choice without consulting his public relations people, because he doesn't want to upset a certain group of people.

For example;

He goes through Chinese, Indian, French food etc. Why didn't he say i like a nice curry, i like frogs legs, bacon and eggs, pasta, fish and chips. Only when he was pushed did he give a straight answer.

Gordon Brown needs to be straight with people, that is why people have stopped believing what he says a long time ago.

That goes for all politicians, local and national, be straight with the people. If you screwed up, tell us.

Being a politician I know how hard it is being honest, but try it. I have been told it is good for the soul.

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Anonymous said...


Um - and who was it who was Chancellor for a decade, allowing the illusion of endless credit and fake money created by greedy bankers to get completely out of hand?

Oh, yes, that was Gordon, wasn't it?

When will people start saying it was Gordon that created the recession, not Gordon that got us out of it?

WE - every man, woman and child in the country are getting us out of recession, each being burdened by tens of thousands of pounds of extra tax burden each.

I don't see Gordon taking a pay cut? - and what pension is he going to be on when he finally gets slung out in May? - Oh, and the no doubt millions he will get from cashing in on after dinner speeches, books etc (though I can't imagine who the hell would want to book him?!) - how much of that will he be donating to the hundreds of thousands of decent people he's made jobless and homeless? I'm guessing a big fat sweet F.A.