Thursday, 14 January 2010

Is this Two Year Old a Terrorist?

That's what I would be asking if the two year old's name appeared on a terrorist watch list.

This is what happened to Michael Hicks when he first tried to board an airline.

This is from the sky news article.

An eight-year-old boy from the US is apparently suspected of being a terrorist when he goes on holiday because of a name mix-up.

Cub scout Michael Hicks, from New Jersey, is believed to share his name with a suspicious person - and he gets stopped and searched at nearly every airport.

Problems began six years ago when the family tried to fly to Florida from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Airline staff said Michael's name was "on the list" and the boy was 'patted down' - he was just two years old.

Since then, he has found it hard to get on a flight without any problems.

If I had the same name as someone on the watch list and I had the same description, I would understand if i was stopped and checked.

What were the airport security people thinking, didn't they have a description of this guy. Surely they must of known a two year old isn't the same person. Is it the fact that their common sense is surgically removed when they take the job?

Where was their common sense?

Is this part of the reason why it takes three or more hours to board a flight?

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