Monday, 18 January 2010

I just had to share this one with you.

I have just been reading a blog by Daniel Hannan called
'What would happen if a state left the Euro'

It is an interesting blog entry, but i was reading the comments to Daniel's blog and i came across this comment by 'fabiansolutions'; the comment is made on Jan 18th 10:31am if you want to have a look.

@Rastus C. Tastey

Firstly – stop repeating the lie that the EU Constitution is the same as the Lisbon Treaty.

Secondly – the EU is a democratic institution.

But a representative democracy isn’t the same as mob rule.

We elect politicians to make the tough decisions for us – so we don’t have to read all that boring documentation and can get on with our lives.

Would you rather spend your time ploughing through the jargon and fine print, or down the pub watching footie or the X-factor with your mates?

I know what I’d prefer!

An overwhelming majority of economic experts agree that the EU is good for British jobs and business.

The EU is unquestionably a good thing.

Of course you’re free to disagree – just as you are to disagree about the law of gravity.

But we don’t hold referendums to decide on the validity of the laws of physics, do we?

We let the experts decide.

Can anyone else find one or two arguments to this comment?

I'm pretty sure there are other people, apart from me, who might think that fabiansolutions has either a screw loose or has been tied up in a room and brainwashed by the EU.

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