Sunday, 3 January 2010

'Outrage over controversial Islamic group's plan to march through Wootton Bassett'

That is the headline from this article in the telegraph

Now i will try and stay calm while writing this.

Wootton Basset is a town whose people are doing what everyone in the country would do, by paying our respects to our honoured dead.

I'm sure everyone would agree that they would be doing exactly what the people of Wootton Basset are doing, by lining the streets and pay their respects to our fallen, if they came through their town.

If this islamic group do march through Wootton Basset they would, in my opinion, be at the very least disrespecting our honoured dead, and the thought of that makes me, and probably the whole country, very upset.

It shouldn't matter if you are for or against the war, those lads and lasses are our brothers, sisters, fathers, sons and daughters. It doesn't matter if you aren't related to anyone out there, they are still our brothers and sisters fighting for their country.

This march cannot be allowed to go ahead, not just because of all the hurt it may cause, but because the far right would most probably turn up as well, and then you will have what will become a dangerous situation. I would not want that to happen in Wootton Basset

The community of Wootton Basset has shown great patriotism that the whole country feels for our lads and lasses, and i would hate for anything to happen there if this group do march there.

The march by this islamic group must not be allowed to go ahead.


John66 said...

If this march goes ahead it will be outrageous to say the least.

Carneades said...

The potential for public order issues is so great I seriously doubt the Police would approve it, even if asked which - according to the article - they haven't.