Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Another Nail in the Coffin for Justice

A few days ago i wrote this blog about the seven muslim protesters disrupting a home coming parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment, and how they refused to stand up in court to show respect to the judge and the court.

Now the seven muslim men were found guilty.

Their punishment, a £500 fine. Which they admit we, the tax payer, will have to pay because all of them are on benefits.

You can read newspaper articles here, here and here

Here is an article of the damage they have caused to the community.

Judge Carolyn Mellanby has basically given the far right parties more ammunition and more followers to their cause.

It's not just this case, but many other criminal cases where people are found guilty of a crime and the sentence is just a joke.

Justice in this country is becoming a joke, if it isn't already.

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