Friday, 22 January 2010

Past decade warmest on record, say Nasa scientists

Here is the headline to the article in the Telegraph.

The past decade was the warmest on record, proving that global warming has continued “unabated”, according to Nasa scientists.

A quote from the article;

Average global temperatures have increased warmed by about 1.5F (0.8C) since 1880, when records began, research showed.

An analysis of global surface temperatures, by Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, found that last year was only a small fraction of a degree cooler than 2005, the warmest on record.

Now before you start to believe what GISS is saying, can I point you to James Delingpole's Blog in the Telegraph, where he gives his point of view to the above article.

Also in his blog you will find a blog HERE, about vanishing weather stations.

In the blog there is a link to US weatherman John Coleman’s magisterial demolition of the Great AGW Scam.

Take a look and see what you think about the latest article from the GISS.

My view over the years has been for the politicians and scientists to tell the people the truth about climate change, be it good or bad.

Since I have been researching the subject the more sceptical I have become, because everywhere I went where I suggested that the science wasn't proved, and there should be more work done on the subject, all i got was abuse saying I am a flat earther, a non believer, just a couple of the names i have been called.

I am a sceptic I admit it, but I am open minded enough for my mind to be changed as long as any data produced is checked by a number of scientists from both sides of the argument. At the moment that isn't being done.

At the moment all the data produced by the climate change scientist have been, for the most part, taken apart by other scientists, eg, the hockey stick graph.

Those scientist, in my opinion are more believable than the climate change scientists, that is why I am a sceptic.

All I want to know is the truth, and I am sure the rest of the world wants the truth as well, because the governments of the world want to tax us even more and give away even more of our money with this Carbon Trading.

The public should be told the truth, be it AGW is real or it isn't real. Even if they say that climate change needs to be looked at some more. Just tell us the truth.

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