Friday, 1 January 2010

Is This a Major Shock? 2

Update on the previous blog

One in three mandarins has a £1m pension... and retires years earlier than private sector staff

This is the headline to this article.

I am working my arse off to keep a roof over my families head and to put food on the table, and trying to save as much as i can for my family's future.

I am saving pennies for my family's future, but i am paying, as well as all the other taxpayers, for certain people to lavish in luxury.

The article only covers a fraction a what the taxpayers have to cover. All government employees, local and national, will be paid a pension funded by the you and me.

I can only wish for a pension of 1 or 2% of what some of these people are on.

If the next government, whoever it might be, must change this, and many others, if they want to start gaining the public trust ever again.

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