Saturday, 9 January 2010

I can't believe this news story.

Knife hero Myleene ticked off by police.

That is the headline to this article in the Sun today.

This is a quote from the article;

TELLY beauty Myleene Klass was told off by cops for waving a knife through her WINDOW to scare off yobs skulking in her garden at night.

Forgetting for the moment that she is a celebrity.

You have a woman alone in her house with a baby, when she sees two teenagers lurking about in her garden and looking in through the window.

She becomes scared for herself and her baby not knowing what these two are going to do. She looks for something to protect herself with, and it is a knife.

Now she waves it at the two teenagers and shouts that she is calling the police. Luckily they ran off.

Here is a quote from the article;

Desperate to protect her daughter and her home, brave Myleene, 31 - whose fiance Graham Quinn was away on business - grabbed a kitchen knife and waved it, shouting: "I'm calling the police."

But when cops arrived they told her she could have got into trouble with the law - even though she was in her own HOME and the yobs were outside.

This is what i cannot believe, she was in her own home, she was scared and wanted to protect herself and her daughter. She didn't know if they were going break in to rob her house or rape her, and the police said that she could of got into trouble. like it says in the article, she was acting on instinct to protect herself and her baby.

When a woman on her own with a baby can't protect herself, inside her own home, then the law has become an ass.

It has been said before by many people that the criminal has more rights now than the victim. That is such a travesty.

You have yobs, teenagers and adults, out there that have been arrested ten, twenty, thirty times, sometimes more, yet they never get sent to prison. WHY?

There are yobs on our streets that have no fear of the law, because they know that they would most probably get probation or at worst a year or two in jail. Even then the sentence would be halved to make more room in the jail.

It is time for every law abiding person in this country to get together and say enough is enough. We must put pressure, somehow, on our politicians to make sure our streets are safer, that the punishment fits the crime.

'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'.

Remember that quote, did he ever mean it or was it just spin?

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