Thursday, 8 April 2010

Why has this been allowed to happen?

I cannot believe this has been allowed to happen.

The following comes from this article

Eleven rapists and hundreds of other sex offenders 'let off with cautions'

Eleven rapists and hundreds of other self-confessed sex offenders have been let off with cautions over the past five years in one police force area alone, figures show.

An extract;

More than 600 cautions were issued for crimes that include rape and child abuse in Avon and Somerset since 2004, police admitted.

Cautions are handed out when guilt is admitted and mean offenders do not appear in court, do not have their names made public and they do not risk going to prison.

You have people committing some of the most serious crimes against a person and they get a caution. No wonder the reporting of rapes is at an all time low.

An extract;

The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, showed cautions as punishment for sexual offences increased over the five years within the force area.

A total of 611 sex offenders were issued with cautions by the constabulary after the criminals admitted guilt, officers said.

Were they thinking that once the criminals were given the caution, they would be good and not do it again, yeah right

These included 11 rapists who confessed their crimes. Four of those had admitted the rape of a child under the age of 13.

How the **** can you not jail these scum, they admitted the crime. Why aren't they in jail now?

What about the safety to the public?

What is stopping them from committing the same crime again?

The figures also revealed 74 sexual assaults on women, seven on men and 28 on children were dealt with by caution rather being taken through the courts.

Four cautions were given for incest or familial sexual offences, two for abuse of children through prostitution or pornography and two for sexual grooming.

Who ever agreed to these cautions, for these serious crimes, should be put in jail themselves for endangering the public.

The country is a joke.

You get jailed for letting a few people smoke in your pub.

You have people going to jail for not paying the council tax.

But if you rape a child you get a caution

What a wonderful country we live in. NOT

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