Monday, 26 April 2010

Old Holborn For MP

I have received a few questions on why I have a link to another blogger who is standing to become an MP, in Cambridge, when I live in North Wales.

Well one of Old Holborn's latest blogs should explain why.

I should say there are some swear words in the following;

++What you actually want - Exclusive+++

Whilst the usual career politicians are wandering around telling you what you want and what you're going to get whether you like it or not, I'd like to refer my readers back to the whole reason I'm standing for Parliament in Cambridge.

You never get asked. Well, twice a decade, 10 times in your entire life if you're lucky. I've never voted in referendum because I've never been asked to and I'm two thirds of the way through my tobacco and Bordeaux soaked existence, I reckon.

I've seen war, recession, poverty, membership of an unelected EU stealing my money, terrorism, corruption, half my earnings grabbed by the State, DNA databases, Biometric profiling, my emails are read by the State along with my phone calls and I'm watched on CCTV everywhere I go.

And nobody asked me if this was OK. Well, they sort of did 5 years ago and 78% of the people who could vote, said FUCK OFF. But alas, our corrupt first past the post system means the 22% who did want it can now impose all of the above of me and my family. Regardless.

Here's the results from the Jury Team/Gallop poll that actually asked people, real people , (not policy wonks or Party Special Advisers) what they wanted, rather than telling them what they were going to get.

•A referendum on the EU - 83% - IGNORED
•Limiting Govt borrowing to 10% of expenditure - 47% - IGNORED
•Stopping Casino banking by nationalised banks - 72% - IGNORED
•Limiting benefits to no children claimants to 80% of minimum wage - 63% - IGNORED
•Harsher punishment for violent offenders - 78% - IGNORED
•Reducing troops in Afghanistan to match other Nato countries - 67% - IGNORED
•Private medical insurance for non EU citizens - 68% - IGNORED
•10 years to qualify for a British passport - 81% - IGNORED
•An English Parliament - 58% - IGNORED
•Proportional Representation - 54% - IGNORED
•5% on demand referendums - 71% - IGNORED

So those are the policies I'm standing on. The policies most of the people of this country actually want and most of the policies denied to them by a mere 646 self serving, union serving, big business serving, lobbyist serving bastards. When they can be bothered to ask you. Twice a decade.

I don't agree with all of them, but I don't count. WE do. And it's time we did.

Prepare to be brutally governed by yet another minority government for yet another 5 years. And if you count the unelected and unaccountable European Commission, for ever. You count for nothing, except your hard earned money, of course. They just can't get enough of that.

I would love to see more free thinking MPs who would vote to look after their constituents even if it's goes against their own party.

People say he hasn't got a chance, but if the idea of what Old Holborn is doing gets through to enough people then that, in my opinion, is a good thing.

I have been blogging for about 8 months now and what I have found in the blogoshere has opened my eyes to what is going on in the UK and the world in general.

I want people to be better informed on what is happening in Parliament and what the MPs and the Government are doing to this country. Like who is really pulling the strings in government. We have all heard the stories about the Unite Union owning the Labour Party, and that Peter Mandelson is the real power in government.

I ask you to have a look at Old Holborn's site and check out what he wants to see in Parliament.

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