Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gordon Brown can't Spin his way out of this.

Yesterday was very interesting.

See the video below;

To be fair to Gordon Brown, I thought he did handle Gillian Duffy's questions very well, and if it ended there a lot of people would of been very pleased in the way he handled it, but for whatever reason Gordon Brown thought it ended badly.

Gillian Duffy raised concerns, among other subjects, about the amount of immigration into the country, and Gordon Brown was respectful when he was talking to her, but as soon as he was in the 'safety' of his car Gordon Brown had a temper tantrum and called Gillian Duffy, a 66 year old pensioner, a bigoted woman.

It is common knowledge that Gordon Brown isn't very good with the general public, that is why he has mainly been with the party faithful throughout the election so far.

Is Gordon Brown afraid of the general public?

Is he afraid of criticism, and if he is criticised does he always throw a tantrum?

Does he look down at the general public and think, oh no I have to mix with the great unwashed?

There has been talk of Gordon Brown's ability to be the Prime Minister, and if Gordon Brown can't take some criticism from a pensioner then it does question his ability to take the stress and criticism of being Prime Minister.

The rumours have been said that he has bullied his staff and thrown mobile phones and punched the front seat in his car, which if you listen carefully I think he actually does in the video.

This is the first time the public has seen, what might be, Gordon Brown's real personality, and you have to ask yourself do you want someone like this running the country.

There are a lot of subjects that worry the UK population, and immigration is one of them, and if Gordon Brown thinks that you are a bigot if you want to talk about immigration then he is not the person to run this country.

Gordon Brown and the Labour party cannot spin their way out of this.

An intersting article about what might of happened if it wasn't election time.
If it hadn't been election time, Mrs Duffy would have been interviewed by the thought police

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