Thursday, 8 April 2010

Who would you think should get a heavier fine?

A robber or a motorist who parked illegally?

Have a look at this article;

Robbers receive soft penalties than illegal parkers

Robbers are escaping with softer punishments than motorists who park illegally, it has emerged.

An extract;

Magistrates are handing out fines as little as £47 to convicted robbers, a drop of a third under Labour.

In contrast motorists who park unlawfully face fines of up to £70 outside London and up to £120 within the capital.

Your going to love this extract;

Magistrates admitted the fines are low because offenders cannot afford higher penalties and get discounts for guilty pleas.

Dominic Grieve, the shadow Justice Secretary, said: "Ministers have tried to bully magistrates to give fewer jail and community sentences, but it is no wonder that magistrates have little confidence in fines when Ministers haven't bothered to uprate fine levels in all the time they've been in power.

"As a result, fines for serious offences like robbery and criminal damage are cheaper than some parking tickets. No wonder public confidence in the justice system has been undermined."

Can you believe that?

Fine them £1000+, and if they can't pay the fine, jail them. It's simple.

Don't give them soft fines because the poor little mite can't afford to pay the fine.

Broken record time.

Is this what Labour meant when they said 'Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime.'

Punishment should fit the crime.

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The Jet Set said...

That's nothing I was once Hung drawn and quartered for jaywalking