Saturday, 17 April 2010

There are thieves and then there's this scum

His name is Darren Pease.

The following is taken from this article

An extract

A disgraced banker who stole £315,000 from his disabled niece's charity fund has been ordered to pay back just £1.

Well-wishers donated hundreds of thousands of pounds into a trust for Ellie May Challis, 5, who had all her limbs amputated during a battle with meningitis in 2005.

Her uncle, banker Darren Pease, 33, was made a trustee of the account because of his financial knowledge but was jailed in November last year after admitted siphoning off £315,000 to splash out on jewellery, holidays and computer gadgets.

Pease was taken back to court yesterday after police went through his finances to check if he could repay any of Ellie May's money.

But it was revealed during the proceeds of crime hearing at Basildon Crown Court in Essex that he had spent the lot and was ordered to repay a nominal £1.

A pound, a single solitary £1.

This scum, who is in prison for 4 years, will be housed, fed and get paid to work in prison. I wonder when he will be up for parole? Not long with the way the prison system works.

When someone comes out of prison, they say, they have paid their debt to society, but what about the debt he owes this little girl?

If he ever gains employment, at least a third of his pay should be sent to the Ellie May Challis trust fund, the one he stole from.

I can't describe the anger I feel when I read articles like this.

You have a young girl who tragically loses her limbs, and people join together to donate money to pay for the care of Ellie.

Then you get scum like Darren Pease, who is actually related to Ellie, who was trusted to look after the money, but just stole it and spent all but £239 of the £315,000.

I wish he could spend just one day living the life of Ellie, with no limbs, and then see how he feels about what he has done.


The Boggart said...

This cunt looks like he's had his teeth fixed out of the proceeds.

Someone one day might knock them out then a little bit of justice might be done.

The Boggart said...

Apologies if language is a bit strong but...