Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spot the difference

I have just read this blog.

This is the blog in question.

Going back to a post I made on the 8th of March 'Dropping a Blog', I have to agree somewhat; that despite the sick pervert Oscar is taking his camera into a public toilets and snapping photos in a cubicle that could be next to you, a reader sent in this photo yesterday to prove the situation has gotten no better. There is now additional graffiti on the same door, see caption top of photograph, this follows further on Oscars campaign to stamp out graffiti once and for all. Maybe, just maybe he, he, he, she, they have a point.

Below are the pictures one from March and one from April.

Spot the difference?

Picture from March 2010.

Picture from April 2010.

Apart from the extra name, the picture is exactly the same.

It has the same angle, exactly the same amount of graffiti on it, the top and bottom of the picture is the same.

How much of a coincidence could it be to take the exact same picture with the same angle and the same amount of graffiti on it.

All the person has done is use his computer to add the name.

Total fail.

The blogger from Blog LLandudno is a retired professional and should be ashamed of him self. That is if he is a retired professional?

I don't think a retired professional would drop this low to insult another person. He sounds like a juvenile.

I have a reply from the blogger in question.

'My thoughts' are a certain blogger should get their eyes tested, and visit the toilets concerned.

My answer;

It's been over 6 weeks between 'pictures'.

Why isn't there more graffiti on the door, other than the one that is high lighted?


Well I had to find out, so I went to the infamous toilets and took this picture. I took it on the 1st of May.

So Victor, tell me the picture from your blog isn't fake now.

I wasn't going to say anything more about this, but I have been getting so many insulting and quite frankly disgusting comments, in my blog, about me and my family that I am now going to publish this picture.


Blog reader. said...

It is the same person who caused chaos in the blog world last November, a rather bitter twisted person.
He has to blog from Blackpool because he does not have the guts to be in town after all he has said and done.

On The QT said...

The language in his additional comments within the posting is vulgar. Definitlety not what you would expect from a Retired Professional.

Archimedes said...

It's not that bloody Adrian fellow again is it? Doesn't seem to be his style.

Anonymous said...

I find the "he, he, he, she, they" comment very interesting. Does that mean that Victor thinks that Oscar is more than one individual? I have always felt that it was written by more than one person and that one is a woman. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

a lad in his 20s living in blackpool who spends his time pretending to be a retired professional from llandudno so that he can cause trouble for people in the town. what a sad story. shame he dont have the cahones to say these things to their face!!

Preacherman said...

I do not find it surprising that both pictures look similar. In the restricted area of a town bog there is probably only one place to position oneself from which to snap the shot. Maybe if the Council got rid of the graffiti on a regular basis we could be entertained by new slogans instead of having to read the same old crap.

Anonymous said...

its the exact same photo, look at the reflection top right hand side, identical

Preacherman said...

So the place was being lit by the same light bulb on both occasions. Let's have some serious discussion about serious subjects!

My Thoughts My Country said...

Ok I will end it with this comment.

I saved the original pictures from both blog entries before my original comment on Victor's blog.

Once my comment was published and Victor published a blog saying I should get my eyes tested, the picture had been changed slightly. Check out the pictures from my blog entry to see what I mean.

Now all I want now is a confession from Victor that the picture he used in the blog, in April, is just a copy from the one he used in March.

If as he said he was sent the picture by email, then please show us some evidence of that email.

Preacherman said...

Confession?? Can't think that will be forthcoming! You are not averse at making personal comments about people so why do you bother your arse about this one.

You are being very childish - go play with your marbles!

My Thoughts My Country said...

I bothered with this one because it was just so blatent that it was a copy that I just had to mention it.

Now if Victor isn't going to confess, then I must presume he did copy the picture and use a computer to write those words on the door.

One of the most suspect things about the picture was the line underneath the word. It was a very straight line, to straight, and under the last 3 words the line is stepped, like when you use a program like microsoft paint.

Take a close look at the picture you will see what I am saying.

So unless a person spent a very long time making those steps under the last 3 words then it must be fake.

Now if I am wrong, and someone can show proof that I am wrong, I will apologise.

Toilet Brush said...

A low resolution camera will pixelate the image in low light, it is the normal for jagged lines to occur like that especially with a camera phone. I've been to the bogs concerned this morning, it's on the door alright.

Anonymous said...

@Toilet Brush

Ok, if a low resolution camera was used, then why aren't the other words and lines pixelated.

Colin said...

The person concerned, one Victor has abandonment issues.

He hates Nigel R and also Dave R and the list goes on and on and on!

It is quite sad really for the above 2 names are amongst a long list of people he blames for his little hobby never turning into anything better, the reality is he only has himself to blame, all the other people if he had looked where getting on with their own work, he has now turned a green colour.

We really believe he is now a danger to himself and others.
He used to have a dangerous tongue, now most of us know it's all rubbish and take no notice, hence the attention seeking behaviour.
Remember oscars blog last novemeber when he published what Craig had been writting, it all went down hill from there for him, nobody any longer believed a word he said.

Now he is having a go at you, this may last days or weeks, or at least until the men in the white coats come back for him.

He has made so many enemies in town it is very difficult for him to now return.
What he needs is a job, and this time not lose it because he wasted so much time on the computer doing his own stuff instead of his work, which he was being paid to do.

My Thoughts My Country said...

This is a copy of a comment I left on Victor's blog.

'I have no association with 'The Thoughts of Oscar', I do not know who Oscar is, and i have no knowledge who any of the alledged 3 other bloggers who contribute to his blog.

I am just a blogger who has a rant about what is happening in my country, Locally and nationally.

Do not blame others for my blog and my replies here.

I just made people aware of something that is probably untrue.

If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at me.

I'm a big boy I can take it.

My name isn't Jonathon by the way.'

This is the final comment by me on this subject.

H said...

check your email and you will find an interesting pic taken today

Anonymous said...

what really scares me about victor/craig is this lad is sitting in his bedsit in blackpool spending all his spare time on the net obsessing about people in llandudno who he hasnt seen for getting on for a year now. really weird behaviour!

Mark said...


We have soldiers being killed and injured in Afghanistan while you go on about one guy.

The country is on the brink of going back into recession while you go on about one guy.

The streets aren't safe anymore, you go on about one guy.

There are more problems in this world than your little spat.

Get over it.

Get a life

Anonymous said...

just seen the update + pic. looks like victor has been caught with his pants down well and truly. how does he get off on lying to everyone like that? what a loser.