Monday, 19 April 2010

The (In)Human Rights Act and Justice

Here's another classic example of how the (In) human rights act is a cause for good, if you are a criminal.

The headline to the Daily Mail article, found through

Paedophile who abducted underage girls for sex wins deportation appeal to stay in UK

An extract;

A Pakistani paedophile who abducted and sexually abused two young girls cannot be deported back to his native country because it would breach his human rights, it emerged today.

Zulfar Hussain, 48, was due to be sent home when he is released from prison halfway through his sentence for plying two vulnerable girls with drugs and alcohol before having sex with them.

But there was fury today when it was revealed that he had won an appeal against his deportation on the grounds that he has a wife and child here, meaning it would breach his right to enjoy respect for his family life.

Can someone please tell me has there been any real good to come out of the human rights act, or is it a criminals rights act only.

How many more stories like this one can we take before the powers that be take notice and either scrap it or change it so the criminals can't take advantage of it.

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Cold Steel Rain said...

I despair mate I truly do..