Saturday, 24 April 2010

Is Tony Blair in Trouble?

Just been reading this article, found at

Tony Blair Stands Accused
Malaysia must not allow this mass murderer to be immune from justice.

by Prof. Shad Saleem Faruqi

An extract;

It is distressing to note that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been invited to Malaysia as an honoured guest of an NGO when he stands accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity by many learned and independent scholars of international law.

The case against him looks rock solid, especially after his confession to the BBC and the Chilcot Inquiry that he would have gone to war to topple Saddam Hussein regardless of the issue of Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Indictments around the world:

> The international criminal court to which Britain is a signatory has received a record number of petitions against Blair.

> The World Tribunal on Iraq held in Istanbul in 2005 heard evidence from 54 witnesses and published rigorous indictments against Blair, former US president George W Bush and others.

> The Brussels War Crimes Tribunal, the Blair War Crimes Foundation and the American international law jurist Richard Falk have amassed impressive evidence of Blair’s complicity in international war crimes.

Spain’s celebrated judge Baltasar Garzon (who indicted former Chilean dictator and president Augusto Pinochet) has called for Bush, Blair and former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar to be prosecuted for the illegal invasion of Iraq, which Garzon has condemned as “one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history”.

Many UK jurists have described the invasion as a devastating attack on the rule of law that left the United Nations in tatters.

I will admit I was taken in by Blair's statements about Iraq and I supported the invasion, but after what I have read over the years either Blair was at best naive, or at worst incompetent and completely lying about weapons of mass destruction.

There are still too many unanswered questions about the Iraq invasion. There are still questions over the death of Dr David Kelly. Was it suicide or not, and why has his post mortem report being kept secret for 70 years?

I wonder what holiday destinations Tony Blair has crossed off his list?

The above article is an arguement for the arrest of Tony Blair.

If there is an article against the arrest of Tony Blair, I will post a blog about the reasons why Tony Blair shouldn't be arrested.


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