Saturday, 10 April 2010

What Immigration has done to a community

If you want to know what happens when immigration runs out of control read this article and find out what happened in Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough

Read this article as well.

The headline.

Migrant city's cry for help: Anguished letter to Brown and Cameron reveals devastating toll of immigration on schools, housing and hospitals

An extract

The impact of uncontrolled mass immigration on the fabric of British life was driven home to the party leaders yesterday.

A letter to Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg reveals in graphic detail the struggle of one community to cope.

It says public services - from schooling to housing, health care to police protection - are overstretched because councils have not been given the support they need.

An extract;

Their letter - which they also sent to constituents - was passed to the Daily Mail by a local resident concerned that its urgent message was being ignored.

The councillors say: 'At our local primary school, Fulbridge, which has a roll of 675 pupils, 27 different languages are spoken with only 200 of the pupils having English as a first language.

'The first-year reception class has 90 pupils, of which only 17 are white British. Every day new arrivals are turned away.

'Registration at the local doctors' surgery has rocketed with more than 90 per cent of the new arrivals being from the EU. There has been a substantial increase in women who are pregnant.

'The Health Service and Primary Care Trust in the city has overspent by millions in the past year.'

A key issue is the Government's failure to support councils.

But Mr Swift and Mr Sharp make clear that the local authority cannot track all new arrivals - crucial information in assessing what they need.

They say there were only four EU citizens on the local electoral roll in 2004. Now there are 537 and 'we know there are substantially more here'.

The councillors also voiced the local fears that immigration is fuelling a rise in crime.

They write: 'We had four police houses in the ward years ago. Everyone knew and respected the local constable. Now we have muggings, robberies, burglaries and neighbour disputes. We have prostitutes, drug dealers and an ever-increasing number of people who drive without road tax or insurance.'

Read the whole article and find out how the town has been changed.

This is just one town, this is going on throughout the country.

I have never been opposed to immigration, but we are only a small island, compared to France or Germany.

This country cannot keep on taking in the amount of immigrants it is taking in now.

Labour's great plan on immigration has failed.

Labour must take the blame for causing untold damage to communities like Peterborough.

What will the party leaders say, and do, about immigration during the election campaign?

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