Thursday, 8 April 2010

Gordon Brown said British Jobs for British Workers

Have a read of this article.

The headline:

Labour's betrayal of British workers: Nearly every one of 1.67m jobs created since 1997 has gone to a foreigner

An extract;

Immigration was at the centre of the election campaign last night as it emerged that virtually every extra job created under Labour has gone to a foreign worker.

Figures suggested an extraordinary 98.5 per cent of 1.67million new posts were taken by immigrants.

The Tories seized on the revelation as evidence that the Government has totally failed to deliver its pledge of 'British jobs for British workers'.

If this is true then Gordon Brown must tell the whole country how and why this has happened.

Yes there are times when foreign workers need to be employed in the UK, and, for example, the Polish workers I have seen put some of the British workers to shame at how hard they work.

According to official figures there are 2.45 million people out of work in the UK. Don't you think Gordon that at least some of them could of used one of those 1.67 million jobs?

There may be a reason why so many foreign workers are getting the jobs in the country.

There are some people in this country that just sit on the arses all day and get money thrown at them by the benefits office, there are a lot of them earning more money than people who work for a living. So it is time for those lazy arsed workshy people to get a job and earn some money for a change.

If they do then that means more taxpayers money goes to the government so then, maybe, the country's debt can be lowered more quickly.

Who knows?

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