Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Gordon Brown Finally Announces the Election.

Well, my opinion for the election is for Gordon Brown and the Labour party to be sent to the political equivalent of the stone age.

I want the Labour Party, especially Gordon Brown, to be humiliated. they have caused untold harm to the country.

Law and order is a joke.

Not giving our service men and women the right equipment.

The economy is on a cliff edge.

The country is so in debt it will take decades to pay off.

Labour, mainly Gordon Brown, have taxed us to death, mainly by stealth.

The NHS falling apart, not enough qualified nurses on the wards.

Our freedoms being taken away.

Selling the country out to the EU

Letting criminals out of jail early to commit more crimes.

That is just a small amount of what Labour has done to this country. We cannot let them do any more to us.

Send Labour to the stone age.

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Ruth said...

I think you'll find if you ask around that at least 50% of voters are keeping their fingers crossed for a really hideous humiliation for Gordon.