Thursday, 18 March 2010

Why have BASSA changed their Logo?

In December I blogged about the Bassa, Union's, The British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association, logo (Part of the Unite union) being very similar to the picture of the WW2 picture from Iwo Jima.
See blog entry below;

Iwo Jima picture from

Bassa Picture from union site in December.

Notice the difference. They have just imposed themselves over the brave men who fought at Iwo Jima.

In my opinion that is so wrong in so many ways.

The reason i am re blogging about the pictures is because of the American union 'The Teamsters' were showing support for the unite union. I was wondering if the Teamsters would be so supportive of the Unite union if they knew what logo the BASSA union (part of the Unite union) were using.

I thought i would check again if the logo was being used before i blogged about it again, guess what I found? Take a look.

Picture taken from the BASSA union site

They have changed it, but it is still taken from the Iwo Jima picture.

They should change it completely.

People died fighting at Iwo Jima, and a union shouldn't be able to use an image of their sacrifice.

I would like to ask the union bosses a question.

If you go on strike, will you 'sacrifice' your salary while your members are on strike?

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