Friday, 26 March 2010

An Early April Fools Joke, not

I have just read this blog from Anna Raccoons blog

I thought it was an April Fools joke at first, but it isn't.

Read the blog below;

I certainly had to indulge in some heavy breathing after reading this farrago of nonsense:

'Civil servants have been given counselling manuals advising them how to deal with stress-related boredom and a lack of work.'

Just savour that for a moment. Contemplate your busy day, the demands on your time, the endless worries about how you will make ends meet this month and then consider that even more of your tax is being spent on teaching people who don’t have enough work to justify their “jobs” how to be calm about the fact that they’re wasting their lives and stealing your money.

'In one booklet from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, officials said stress-related problems could be caused by having “too little work or responsibility” and suggested that pressured workers take up a hobby to alleviate anxiety.

The Department for International Development’s book warned workers to avoid becoming lethargic from “too little pressure” but allow for 20 per cent more time to complete tasks they feel could add to stress.

“Breathe in and out heavily a few times and imagine yourself being successful,” it advises workers.'

I’ve breathed in and out heavily a few times, I can tell you.

I think the yogis who came up with this inspiration have been spending a little too much time “on the mat”.

What the hell is going on with this government?

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