Thursday, 4 March 2010

An Article On Education

I have just read this article by Catey Maxx.

The article is called: -

'Positive Policy' - Education: What Labour did wrong & What Tories can do right'

It is about the education system before and after Labour came to power.

If there any teachers out there, do you agree with the article?

Have a read and see what you think.

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Carneades said...

As one who describes her (him) self as a

Blogger with a right of centre of perspective

we need to be aware that everything they write is biased towards the Tories. However, what the article singularly fails to note is that almost all the ills the article associates with Labour owe their genesis to the Tories. It was the Tories that introduced testing (Mrs T, actually), the Tories that started us down the road of traditional values, common sense and discipline (giving) way to hysterical political correctness, bureaucratic dogma and subordination., although in fact it's hard to know exactly what is meant by that, and it was the Tories that introduced the innovation-sapping, spontaneity crushing OFSTED inspections. If Labour is to be blamed for anything (and s(he) certainly has no idea about what) then it is that they completely failed to stem the tide of Tory changes and 'improvements' to education which continued unabated for the following ten years.

(S)he also quotes reports from the Bow group, but that is simply a right-wing think tank whose 'research' has been discredited on many occasions. The remaining points made are lacking in substance and poorly thought out.

However, the real opportunity for laughter comes when s(he) says

The Conservatives will introduce tough and realistic measures to give power back to those involved in frontline service. Teachers will be able to do their job, secure in the knowledge that if necessary they can use reasonable force when dealing with violent students. They will be protected from false accusations, and be able to remove disruptive pupils and items that cause disruption, without fear of legal ramifications.

Oh dear, and doubtless the moon is also made of cheese. Here's the question s(he) ought to be asking: If the Tories now know what's wrong, since it was all their policies in the first place, why didn't they do it sooner, when the entire teaching profession was warning them about the conequences?