Saturday, 27 March 2010

Labour's Pledges

Secure the recovery
By putting over £23,000 on every person in this country.
By taxing the very people who you have taxed to death already.
Taxing the very people who run the big businesses out of the country.

Raising family living standards
Raising standards where being an unemployed single mother with up to 8 children, with an unemployed father of the latest child, is better off than a married couple with 2 children where both parents work but still get less money than the single mother.
Raising living standards for unemployed people with children to rent £1,000,000, yes £1 million, houses at the taxpayers expense.

Building a high tech economy
Businesses are building a high tech economy, it will work as long as Gordon Brown doesn't interfere with it.
A green investment bank, one question will they be using paper notes because if they do they will be contributing to deforestation.
Putting tax payers money into wind farms that don't work, they only make about a third of the power they claim.

Protecting front line services
Is that making sure the police are kept in doing more paperwork.
One Nurse looking after a ward full of patients, while the hospital managers drown them in paperwork and tell the nurses off for not completing the paperwork.
Letting Social workers take on a large work load that lets children that need protecting slip through the cracks.

Strengthen fairness in communities
Fairness in the communities that lets gangs of children beat up and kill the law abiding people.
Jail the law abiding citizens who protect their family and home from the criminals who break in.
Lets gangs kill each other by the knife and the gun.
Lets burglars off with community service to burgle again and again.
Making the elderly scared to step out of their own home.
Where gangs of children terrorise a man to have a heart attack.
Where 2 young children attack 2 other children and beat them and torture them and sexually abuse them until they are barely alive.

The picture below comes from the RED RAG Blog, it is more truthful than what Labour have pledged.

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