Monday, 1 March 2010

Labour Plans To Fight Crime

Gordon Brown outlines plans for fight against crime

Gordon Brown has set out new measures to tackle anti-social behaviour as he put the fight against the fear of crime and yobbery at the heart of the general election battle.

That is
the headline to this article.

Gordon Brown has been the Prime Minister for 2 1/2 years of Labour's 13 years in power and they now plan to fight crime.

What the hell have they been doing before now then?

What happened to 'Tough on crime, Tough on the causes of crime.'

An extract from the article;

The Prime Minister accused the Conservatives of ramping up the fear of crime by ''abusing'' statistics and spreading the ''fiction'' that Britain is a broken society.

The Conservatives aren't 'ramping up the fear of crime', they are just telling the truth.

People are fearful of going out of their homes, especially the elderly, because there isn't enough of a police presence. It isn't all the police forces fault, they are drowning in paperwork and trying to meet the months targets.

This has happened since Labour came to power. They have destroyed the public's trust in the police due to all their targets and politically correct bull****.

The general public are fearful of crime, it should be the other way around. The criminal should be fearful of the police and the courts.

Another extract;

Mr Brown quoted the British Crime Survey as proof that crime was down by more than a third since 1997, with 6 million fewer crimes each year including fewer burglaries and violent incidents and the lowest number of homicides for a decade.

Labour are always quoting the British Crime Survey, why i ask? Is it because the real crime statistics, and not the watered down version the government produce, are so frightening that the government cannot publish them because it shows the real truth about crime in the UK.

How many crimes aren't even reported to the police?

Another extract;

But, in a direct attack on the Conservative rhetoric of ''broken Britain'', he argued: ''You don't tackle the fear of crime by cultivating it, by ramping up a public sense of panic, by abusing the figures and claiming our society is broken.''

Gordon Brown says that we shouldn't use the word 'Broken Britain' because it gives 'the public a sense of panic'. I ask Gordon Brown to look at Britain today, there are places in Britain that crime is rife, people get mugged, homes are burgled, knife crime and gun crime. The list goes on.

This country is broken, and it needs to be fixed.


Just found this article, it says a lot of what I am trying to say in my blog.


Anonymous said...

Is it not true then that the tories bent the crime statistics and gave cause for the national statistics office to protest ?

My Thoughts My Country said...

I didn't say that the Torys haven't 'bent' the crime statistics. Most politicians will twist facts and figures to fit.

For years now Labour have used the crime survey and not the crime figures that the police produce.

I was just hi-lighting the fact thats all.

Carneades said...

Reported crime has decreased steadily over the past 20 years, interestingly, but both parties use statistics to suit their own ends. The Tories exaggerate perceived risks (tell porkies) and the Labour party select favourable statistics (tell different kinds of porkies) and this is inevitable when we have a general election looming. What many want to hear is not the two major parties slagging each other off, but each of them saying what they would do differently. Until they both do that, I doubt you can trust either.