Wednesday, 31 March 2010

This is hard to believe.

I have just read this article, and I am stunned.

This is the headline;

Police refuse to name sex offenders on the run 'because of their RIGHT to privacy'

An extract;

Police are refusing to reveal the identities of sex offenders who are on the run - because it would be an invasion of their privacy.

An invasion of their privacy. For crying out loud, don't they think that they could be a danger to the public.

Four registered sex offenders have been on the run for as long as two years after disappearing from their homes in the North-East.

But confusion over whether the wanted criminals should be identified means that just one of them has been made known to the public, sparking fury among victim's groups.

Cleveland Police was the only force that agreed to issue the name and photograph of a man who has been missing since last year.

This is what might happen when they lose these sex offenders.

Police across the country came in for heavy criticism after Peter Chapman breached his order by leaving home in the North-West to go on the run.

Merseyside Police failed to issue a national alert to other forces until six months after he disappeared, while Durham, North Yorkshire and Cleveland Police missed a series of chances to catch him when he car was seen on CCTV in the region 16 times.

He was arrested on October 26, the day after he kidnapped, raped and killed Ashleigh Hall.

If someone is on the sex offenders register and the police lose them, then the police have a public duty to inform us.

Once again we see the criminals rights take precedent over the rights of the victims and the public.

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