Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Quote from a BA Flight Attendant on Strike

This is the headline to this article;

'Most British Airways crew are striking on behalf of the passengers'

As cabin staff take to the picket lines, flights have been grounded and customers left with their travel plans in tatters

I bet all the passengers that have had their holidays ruined are very grateful for this.

An extract;

It was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime for the teenage musicians. After 18 months of fundraising, the flights to New York were booked, ready for their appearance in New York's Carnegie Hall, one of the world's most famous concert venues, a privilege that would see them join the ranks of performers such as Luciano Pavarotti, the Beatles and Judy Garland.

Another extract

Eating a "solidarity samosa" donated by a local shop, one flight attendant on the picket line at Hatton Cross tube station said she was striking because staffing cuts had lowered service standards, including in-flight food. "It is embarrassing now. We just cringe. Most crew, bizarrely enough, are striking on behalf of passengers."

Yes I choose an airline due to how fancy the food is, not.

British Airways flies the flag for the UK, and so does Virgin Airlines, but BA is struggling financially and needs to modernise. That means there have to be cuts in certain areas, but Unite doesn't get it.

If BA doesn't find a way to cut it's finances the company will fold and that will be damaging for all the employees at BA and for the UK as well.

In my opinion the Unite union has become a dinosaur from the past, they have Charlie Whelan at the heart of government telling Gordon Brown what to do, and he can't do much about it because Unite is one of the paymasters of Labour, and if the stories are true we, the taxpayers, have been funding the Labour party through the unions as well, see here and here.

I agree that we need unions to protect workers rights, to stop workers being treated like slaves, but unions have to face reality, there is a recession on and purse strings have to be tightened.

The Red Rag has a good blog entry that has an interesting point of view on this subject.

Check this site;

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