Saturday, 6 March 2010

Who is the more believable?

Gordon Brown said:

“Every request that the military commanders made to us for equipment was answered. No request was ever turned down,” Mr Brown said. “We had a rising defence budget.”

"The spending review of 2004 was welcomed by the chiefs of our defence staff,” he said. “They were satisfied at the end of the review that they had the resources they needed.”

Gen Guthrie and other military figures said:

“Not fully funding the Army in the way they had asked ... undoubtedly cost the lives of soldiers. He should be asked why he was so unsympathetic towards defence and so sympathetic to other departments.”

“To say Gordon Brown has given the military all they asked for is simply not true,” Lord Guthrie, a former chief of the defence staff, writes in The Daily Telegraph.

“He cannot get away with saying I gave them everything they asked for, that is simply disingenuous.

A senior military figure involved in the 2004 spending talks said Mr Brown’s claims were “nonsense.”

The commander said: “To say it was ‘welcome’ is to use a great deal of poetic licence.

“To say the outcome of that process was ‘welcome’ is frankly hyperbole.”

Major General Patrick Cordingley, a commander in the first Gulf War, said: “The real truth is the Armed Forces are underfunded.”

Who would you believe, Military men who served in our Armed Services with honour, or Gordon Brown?

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