Saturday, 13 March 2010

How to commit fraud and get away with it.

Of all the people who I thought would be charged with fraud Baroness Uddin would be high on the list.

According to the rules of the Hose of Lords, you only have to visit the 'main home' once a month for it to qualify as your main home.

An extract from an article in the Telegraph;

She was cleared of wrongdoing over her expenses claims after prosecutors admitted they could not press charges because House of Lords rules were so vague.

But Keir Starmer said that the Lords' interpretation meant it would “almost inevitably be necessary for the prosecution to prove, to the criminal standard” that any peer had not even visited their main home once a month.

“That presents a very real difficulty and we considered whether it would be open to the Crown Prosecution Service to advance a different definition of ‘only or main residence’ in any criminal proceedings. However, after careful consideration, we concluded that such a course would not be open to us,” he said.

Several other peers, including Lord Paul, have also been told they will not face any further action.

Her 'main home' was an empty flat for crying out loud. She didn't live there, there wasn't any furniture in the flat. She was living just 4 miles away from Parliament.

In the real world where you and I live that is fraud, so how can they get away with it?

We can't even vote Baroness Uddin out. She can carry on claiming expenses out of the taxpayers pockets because as long as she visits that flat just once a month she can claim it as her main home.

We are getting ripped off on a serious scale.

She should be stripped of her title and thrown out of the Lords.

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