Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Why has the government spent so much time on this bullying accusation?

Isn't there more to worry about than the bullying accusations?

Government minister after government minister has come out and defended Gordon Brown.

Yet we still have a massive debt to pay off.

We have an economy, that is barely out of recession.

Our military are fighting a war in Afghanistan.

There are accusations that The UK government is complicit in the killing of a Hamas terrorist.

We have a steelworks closing down in Teeside, why isn't Mandelson taking more time trying to stop the closure, or helping the community get through the tough times ahead.

So i ask you, why are all these government ministers on tv talking about Gordon Brown and how he isn't a bully?

Our country needs it's government to govern, not try and defend someone from bullying accusations.

Yes the bullying accusations need to be sorted, but why isn't Gordon Brown coming out and defending himself. Why is he leaving it up to government ministers?

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