Monday, 1 February 2010

(In) Human Rights Act and the Criminal.

I have been reading a blog by Tory Totty Online called Labour robs us of civil liberties on one hand and glorifies the human rights of criminals on the other.

It is about David Cameron and what he said about burglars losing their human rights if the break in to someones home.

In my opinion David Cameron is right that a criminal should lose his human rights if he (or she) commits a crime, and i seriously don't want the bleeding heart story about how they had a tough upbringing.

I have so had enough of the criminals getting off lightly for crimes, because they had a rough upbringing. Oh boo hoo.

How many people out there had a rough upbringing, but worked hard for themselves and made a decent living.

I have worked hard all my life and i am not about to let some criminal steal from me.

The (in)human rights act should not be allowed for the criminals. If a burglar breaks into a house then, as DC has said he loses all rights.

It is time to get tough and i mean tough on the criminals. Make them worry about being caught by the authorities and about going to prison.

Get rid of their televisions and play stations. Make it so prison is hard on them and scares them, maybe then they will think twice about committing a crime.

In Tory Totty's blog there is also a you tube video of 'Margaret Thatchers last stand against Socialism'.

In the video she hit the nail on the head with her predictions on europe and what would happen if Labour got into power.

I have copied it here;

We need someone like Mrs Thatcher, someone with the strength to guide Britain back to what it once was. Someone who will fight for Britain and put Britain first.

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Tory Totty Online said...

Great post! I love Thatcher! Wish she was around today! Bravo :-) x