Saturday, 6 February 2010

What Planet are these 'Supreme Court' Judges On

The UK Supreme court has decided to unfreeze terrorist's money.

Here is an extract from an article in the Telegraph

In one of its first decisions, our new Supreme Court has decided to lend a helping hand to terrorism. It did so via an under-reported judgment, issued last week, which torpedoed the Government's policy of freezing terrorists' assets.

That policy was the result of implementing UN Security Council Resolutions. No one doubts that one of the best ways of combating terrorism is to make it as difficult as possible for terrorists to get the funds they need to commit mass murder. That's why the Security Council, in the wake of the US embassy bombings in Africa in 1998, and again after September 11, asked all member states to freeze the assets of groups and individuals it identified as being involved in terrorism.

So in their infinite wisdom they are going to give terrorists their money back.

The United Nations, a world body, has asked countries to freeze terrorist assets. Yes the UN doesn't get it right all the time, but cutting the cash flow to terrorists is a good idea.

Another extract;

It is impossible to understand why their lordships think that such a consideration should take precedence over diminishing a clear and present danger to national security. They know what terrorism involves: scores or even hundreds of people injured or killed by bombs meant to murder as many innocents as possible

It has been said before by many people, but i will say it again. Judges need to live in the real world once in a while and find out what real life is about and how, we, the normal people of this country live.

If terrorists get their money and a terrorist incident happens, god forbid, the judges will have blood on their hands.

What's next for the 'supreme court', invite Bin Laden to lunch?

This decision has to be reversed pretty damn quick.

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