Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I wonder why?

This is the headline to this article;

Councils afraid to say how much they pay chiefs

Council chiefs in England and Wales have refused to disclose the salaries of thousands of senior staff, claiming it would lead to a public outcry.

To get the best people to do a job then you have to pay a decent wage, but we pay these council officials wages and we, the taxpayer, have a right to know what we are paying these people.

An extract from the article;

Councils have been criticised for granting pay rises to officials at a time when householders face increasing council tax bills and, in many cases, poor quality services.

Since 1997-98, the council tax bill for a typical band D property in England and Wales has increased from £688 to £1,414.

My council tax has increased similar to what the article says.

What I want to know is exactly how much of the council tax money is used to pay these council officials, and their pensions, and how much is used on the 'council services' we receive.

As the headline says councils are afraid to publish what they pay these officials, so it makes you wonder exactly how much of OUR money are they paying them.

I for one would like to know.

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