Sunday, 7 February 2010

The thought of having this woman in the House of Lords

Read this headline from the Mail and wonder what she will do to the Hose of Lords

Make Cherie a Baroness! Extraordinary row over plan to elevate Mrs Blair to Lords

An extract;

A political row is brewing over a controversial move to give Cherie Blair a peerage – making her the first Prime Minister’s spouse to be elevated to the Lords since Clementine Churchill.

Allies of Mrs Blair say she is entitled to the honour on the basis of her decade in No10, her record as a leading lawyer and her charity work.

In my opinion, she has no right to be elevated to the Lords.

What has she done to be given this honour?

Being Tony Blair's wife.

Being a judge who lets off someone who breaks some one's jaw for being a religious man.

Getting a crook to buy 2 flats so she could get a discount on them, then saying 'she is just a normal mum' yeah right, when she got caught.

When told she could have a couple of free items, from a store, she took 68 items up to about £2000.

Having her bills for hairdressing paid for by the Labour party funds.

Getting people off criminal acts or getting them to stay in this country using the (in) Human rights act.

The only other PMs wife to be elevated to the Lords was Lady Churchill due to the loyal support of her husband Winston Churchill during WW2.

Another extract;

However, the idea, which is being actively discussed in senior Labour circles, is likely to run into criticism from those who may question whether she deserves the same recognition as Lady Churchill

How can this woman be given the same privilege as the wife of Winston Churchill.

Cherie Blair, like her husband, has no honour.

She has admitted to being republican who wants to get rid of the Queen, so how the hell would she be allowed to be given a Peerage?

The answer is just to keep Tony Bliar on side to help Gordon Brown in the election.

How much lower can this government get?

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Councillor John Oddy said...

Quite a bit actually; Gordon Brown has been known to slither under a snake’s belly whilst wearing a top-hat and Tony Blair kills people without remorse.
“No Depths”, “Depravity” and “Sink to” spring to mind.
Oh, and she is just one self-publicising bitch, if you want my opinion.