Wednesday, 3 February 2010

How can these people sleep at night?

I am talking about the people who let off James Moore, the thug who killed Joseph Lappin.

How do you feel knowing that you played a part in the killing of this poor lad.

An extract from the article in the Telegraph.

Moore, an Asbo thug who broke orders designed to control his criminal behaviour almost 50 times, stabbed the 16 year-old army cadet through the heart outside the Liverpool youth club in October 2008, prosecutors said.

How can someone break ASBOs, and other orders, 50 times and not be in prison or a secure unit of some sorts.

I would like to ask all the people who let this thug back on the streets to explain, to Joseph Lappin's parents, why they let him out time after time after time?

If they just jailed him once this poor lad might still be alive today.

An extract from the article

Moore, who came from a “dysfunctional family” who had helped looked after his brother who had cerebral palsy, then made further breaches of the order even after being initially arrest for the teenager’s murder and had been released on police bail.

The Judge said;

It may well be that the vital part he has played in the care of his brother and the profound family difficulties contributed to the remarkable leniency shown by the courts.

Coming from a dysfunctional family isn't an excuse to commit crimes. If Moore really cared for his brother why didn't he try and stay out of trouble?

Because of these bleeding hearts, a family have lost a son.

When will the government realise that ASBOs don't work unless you enforce them.

How many families are there that have had a loved one beaten to an inch of their life, or have been killed by a thug who has had an ASBO, or has been let out early from prison.

Like i said in my previous Blog;

It is time to get tough and i mean tough on the criminals. Make them worry about being caught by the authorities and about going to prison.

Get rid of their televisions and play stations. Make it so prison is hard on them and scares them, maybe then they will think twice about committing a crime.

The criminals should be scared of going to jail.

If they know that if they get caught they will have a tough time in jail they might think twice before committing a crime.

At the moment they have no fear of the police or prison.

If something can come out of this tragedy, I hope the authorities will come down harder on these thugs who break ASBos and other orders. Maybe then the streets will be a bit safer

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